The job of repairing and maintaining existing roads and infrastructure is about more than fixing potholes. It's about encouraging and supporting statewide economic development with infrastructure that can accommodate new industry and support existing industry. Cities and towns need a stable revenue source to consistently fund these infrastructure improvements.
Support legislation that provides stable, long-range funding for the repair and maintenance of existing roads and that ensures these funds are used efficiently and effectively.  To guarantee that secondary roads are addressed, cities and towns must be a part of the General Assembly's debate on how any new revenue will be spent. The Municipal Association supports a change in the makeup of the County Transportation Commissions so cities and towns are represented on all 46 CTCs. This will guarantee C Funds are used in the most effective manner possible.
Local transportation needs vary widely across the state. Flexibility in funding sources is a critical issue for municipal governments looking to repair and maintain roads in their jurisdictions. The Municipal Association supports evaluating flexible infrastructure funding options for cities and towns such as a Municipal Capital Projects Sales Tax imposed by referendum.
Ensure municipal officials understand the local, state and federal road funding opportunities that are available to their towns and train them on how to secure and use those funds. The Municipal Association will provide training opportunities to local elected officials and staff to help them better understand the wide variety of available infrastructure funding sources and how to access them.