​From the Dome to Your Home: June 26, 2015

The House of Representatives and Senate were in special session on Tuesday to adopt the budget conference report. Governor Haley has until Monday, June 29, at midnight to issue her vetoes. Both chambers adjourned on Tuesday afternoon after amending the adjournment resolution to allow legislators to debate legislation that would move the Confederate flag off of the State House grounds this summer. Legislators were in Columbia on Wednesday to pay their respects to the late Senator Clementa Pinckney as he laid in state in the State House.

Budget conference report headed to the governor

House and Senate members adopted the conference reports on H3701, the state budget bill; H3702, the capital reserve bill; and H4230, the supplemental appropriations bill on Tuesday. Governor Haley has five days, excluding Sunday, to issue her vetoes in the budget. The end of the fiscal year is Tuesday, June 30.

The budget includes $212.6 million in the Local Government Fund for Fiscal Year 2015-2016. This total includes $200.1 million as the base funding level and $12.5 million in one-time money. This total is the same amount as the current year and $81.9 million less than full funding. 
The budget includes $3.4 million in the Department of Public Safety budget that includes $2.4 million base funding and $1 million one-time funding for 2,000 body cameras.

Also included in the budget is the proviso that requires cities and towns to negotiate an agreement with the circuit public defender to provide indigents with a public defender in municipal court. The proviso prohibits the circuit public defender from providing indigent defense in municipal court without an agreement with the city or town.
The supplemental appropriations bill includes $216.3 million in one-time money for county transportation committees to be spent on state secondary roads.
For more information on the state budget bill, contact Melissa Carter ( at 803.933.1251.


The Municipal Association has developed several resources for local officials related to bills that passed this session. This link is a full summary of the Uber bill that passed earlier this month. This webpage outlines the law that governs the oversight of transportation network companies and how it will affect cities where they operate. Also, this webpage outlines the new law governing agendas and adding items to the agenda. For more information on both of these issues, contact Tiger Wells ( at 803.933.1270.

Confederate flag

On Tuesday when the House and Senate reconvened in Columbia to adopt the budget conference report, legislators also voted to amend their adjournment resolution to include debate on moving the Confederate flag from the State House grounds. Lawmakers are expected to return to Columbia later this summer to take up the issue. The Municipal Association board of directors and the Association of SC Mayors board of directors both endorsed removing the Confederate flag from the State House grounds. For more information on this issue, contact Reba Campbell ( at 803.933.1245.

Weekly bill introductions

No bills were introduced this week that have an effect on cities and towns.  Visit the legislative tracking system to see and comment on all bills pending in the House and Senate.

Passed bills

Bills passed in the 2015 legislative session that have an effect on cities and towns are available on the Association’s legislative tracking system.
Committee Action This Week
No committee meetings were held this week.
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