Getting a business license in South Carolina cities just got a little easier thanks to the Municipal Association's new website that links directly to the standardized business application from its front page.

Municipal Association of SC homepage 

The standardized application has been available to businesses since late 2013, and more than 80 cities and towns currently accept it. The application can be easily downloaded from at the "doing business with the Association" link at the bottom of the page.

"Both businesses and city staff are finding this standardized application saves time and effort," says Scott Slatton who staffs the Municipal Association's Business License Officials Association. "We worked closely with several statewide business organizations back in late 2013 to create this standardized application. Businesses, particularly those that work in multiple jurisdictions, can complete a single application for every city or town where they need a license."

The one-page application contains all of the information most cities require when issuing a license.

"While the original intent was to make the process less complex for transient businesses, such as contractors or landscapers, cities can use the standard application for any type of business working in multiple jurisdictions," Slatton said.

Businesses can get a copy of the standardized application from their city's business license office or download a copy from (scroll to the bottom of the front page to see "doing business with the Association").