Town of Rockville Design Review Board declined to allow Rockville Haven to construct a dock and walkway for which they had obtained a permit from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control - Office of Coastal Resource Management. The sole question before the court was whether there was evidence that the view across the marsh from the road would be impeded by Rockville Haven's dock and walkway.


​The court acknowledged that the view was rural and scenic. However, it found nothing in the record to support the DRB's finding, affirmed by the circuit court, that Rockville Haven's dock and walkway would impede a scenic rural view within the meaning of one of Rockville's Design review guidelines that states "proposed structures shall not impede scenic rural views from the main road, from existing structures or from natural settings." The court did, however, agree with Rockville that state law permits local governments to require docks and walkways comply with local laws and regulations, including those which address aesthetic concerns.​