This six-hour orientation training was instituted because of the 2003 Amendment to the South Carolina Local Government Planning Enabling Act which established mandatory training requirements for all appointees and staff involved with local planning and zoning. This curriculum is designed to teach the tools necessary for officials and staff to perform their duties responsibly and effectively.

This orientation training has been approved by the South Carolina Planning Education Advisory Committee. The online product is the six-hour mandatory Orientation Training. The six hours are divided into 1-hour sessions and at the end of each session the participant will receive a completion certificate. The training session includes content and video slides with knowledge check quizzes. The training is offered free of charge.  

At the completion of the full six-hour orientation training municipal planning officials can email the Municipal Association at to get a copy of their transcript. 

Important training note: 

For each individual training session it is recommended that you set aside the time to complete the one-hour training in one sitting. If you leave the course before receiving your completion certificate, the session will not resume to the stopped location on your return.