Shared Knowledge

Affiliate associations
Provide tailored training and networking opportunities to core groups of municipal employees.

Annual Meeting
Gathers municipal officials from around the state to learn, network and discuss issues of municipal concern.

Field services
Provide individually-tailored training, technical support and face-to-face assistance.

Encourage dialog between municipal officials with a common interest through online mailing lists.

Local Government Management Training Program
Educates local government managers in areas that are essential to being an effective manager/administrator and to help newer managers/administrators network and build professional relationships with peers.

Main Street South Carolina
Promotes downtown redevelopment, commerce and community

Planning and zoning training
Provides training for municipal planning and zoning officials as mandated by state law.

Provide information on a variety of topics of municipal government interest.

Questions about municipal government
Offers technical assistance available on the Web site and through phone calls and visits with staff.

Training institutes
Provide topic intensive educational opportunities through comprehensive training institutes.

Video Library
Offers training on a range of topics including municipal governance, risk management and electric utility issues.

 Shared Solutions

Collection Programs
Collect outstanding debts and tax revenue due to participating municipalities through a central collections effort.

Disaster recovery
Provides municipal officials with full access to their computer system if it is destroyed in a natural disaster.

Franchise Assistance Program
Provides technical support to municipalities engaged in various cable franchise negotiations.

Insurance and Risk Management Services
Offer two self-funded insurance programs specially tailored to meet municipal needs.

South Carolina Other Retirement Benefits Employer Trust
Allows members to pool their funds resulting in lower costs  and higher rates of return on retiree health benefits and provides a calculation tool to estimate the member’s liability based on benefits offered.

Technology Services
Offers affordable access to technology services to increase productivity and enhance customer service.

Trades certification
Provides statewide certification for several professional trades.

 Shared Voices

Achievement Awards
Recognize innovative municipal projects that improve the quality of life for residents and add value to the community.

Cities Mean Business
Builds support for strong cities as the economic engines that help drive the state’s competitiveness.

Daily News
Highlight articles, editorials and other news items of municipal interest.

Legislative Programs
Support South Carolina hometowns and the value they bring to the state.

Reports monthly on issues of municipal interest and innovative programs of member municipalities.