The South Carolina Planning Education Advisory Committee maintains a list of approved sponsors of programs that satisfy the annual continuing education requirement.

The following topics when offered by an approved sponsor are preapproved: land use planning, zoning, floodplains, transportation, community facilities, ethics, public utilities, wireless telecommunication facilities, parliamentary procedure, public hearing procedure, administrative law, economic development, housing, public buildings, building construction, land subdivision, and powers and duties of the planning commission, board of zoning appeals or board of architectural review. SC Code of Laws Section 6-29-1340

Books or self-directed (home study) courses are not an approved method for continuing education. Continuing education must be conducted by a facilitator in a group setting. 

Continuing education facilitators must meet minimum standards which are significantly reduced compared to orientation training facilitators.

Resources from preapproved sponsors

  • The Municipal Association developed two 90-minute DVDs to satisfy the three-hour continuing education requirement which may be obtained by contacting Lea Ann Mitchell at 803.933.1254.

  • The American Public Planning Association has identified 11 of its video programs that are most relevant for continuing education needs of planning staff and planning/land use commission members. The length of the training materials varies from one to five hours. (To view the videos, users must create a guest account to the APA website.)

  • The SC Association of Counties developed several videos on planning and zoning. Each course provides three hours of orientation or continuing education credit for planning and zoning officials/employees.

  • The following Municipal Elected Officials Institute training developed by the Municipal Association may be viewed in a facilitated group setting to satisfy continuing education requirements.

    • Forms of Municipal Government: 1.5 hours

    • Municipal Economic Development: 1.5 hours

    • Freedom of Information Act in SC: 1.5 hours

Information and instructions for accessing MEO Institute online courses for group viewing to satisfy continuing education training requirements may be obtained from Urica Floyd, 803.933.4754