Main Street  stresses self-reliance and builds on what is special about downtowns and neighborhood commercial districts as the "center" of its community and the embodiment of its heritage. Local people work together to rebuild a positive image that will invite economic development. Revitalization takes a lot of hard work, patience and time.

The following principles are the basis of the Main Street Approach:

  • Downtown and neighborhood commercial districts have declined over a long time and rebirth will also take a long time.
  • A genuine public-private partnership must exist.
  • Each community must commit its time and resources to focus attention on the revitalization efforts.
  • Successful revitalization must be comprehensive, looking at all issues that contribute to decline.
  • All efforts must be oriented to quality; downtown and neighborhood commercial districts cannot be sold as second-rate places to do business.
  • Successful revitalization is action oriented.
  • Planning is important and must lead to action to renew confidence.
  • Effort must be made to change attitudes.
  • Negative opinions must be turned around before positive change can occur.