Who is eligible to take the ABL exam?

Business licensing officials who have completed the three-year Training Institute.

What is the difference between the ABL and the MBL designation?

The MBL requires obtaining the ABL designation plus accumulating 50 experience points.

Do I have to accumulate points to get my ABL?

No. But it is a good idea to start recording your experience points while working toward your ABL. The proof of experience sheets must be signed by the sponsoring organization from which the points are earned.

Do I need to be "recertified?"

No. The designation does not expire.

When are the exams given?

The exams are given annually.

What should I study for the exam?

The exam is based entirely on the information contained in the Business Licensing Handbook.

If I do not pass the exam, may I retake it?

Yes. An applicant may retake the exam an unlimited amount of times. The exam fee ($125 for BLOA members and $175 for nonmembers) must be paid each time the applicant sits for the exam.

How do I apply for my ABL designation?

Contact Scott Slatton at 803.933.1203 for an ABL application.