Why on-demand training?
The Municipal Association began offering on-demand training for the Municipal Elected Officials Institute in response to members" request for more opportunities to receive training.

What types of courses are available?
Select required courses are available as well as a noncredited course, "The Five Basics of Effective Governing." 

What should I expect?
Online courses begin with course objectives and instructions for navigating through the course. Throughout, participants can check their knowledge of the materials. There is a short survey or quiz at the end of each course.

How much time will it take to complete?
Courses should take between one to two hours to complete. 

Are additional materials provided to supplement the on-demand course?
Links to reference materials are offered throughout the course. The materials supplement what is discussed in the course.

Will I receive a certificate of completion for each course I take?
Completion of credited courses will count toward successful completion of the Municipal Elected Officials Institute.

How do I register for courses?
Schedule of courses

Technical requirements

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