Proactive IT Support

Comprehensive support for your city's IT environment, and planning for future growth.

Many organizations spend excessive time and energy dealing with tactical IT issues, and do not have the expertise needed to create and implement a strategic plan. As your city grows, VC3 is with you as your IT partner, providing proactive, cost effective solutions that adapt to your changing needs.

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Cloud Based Solutions

Secure and optimized environment for your specific needs. Eliminate unplanned expenses.

A cloud based solution has many benefits for a municipality. The solution delivers a familiar user experience with the look and feel of a normal office PC, but with the security of software and data residing in a remote data center. Eliminate the huge capital expenditures that come with replacing IT hardware, and instead budget for a predictable monthly fee that adjusts as your staff needs increase or decrease. VC3 takes responsibility for your hardware, software, and data, allowing you to focus on your city.

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Voice over IP Telephone Solutions

Reliable, cost-effective voice-over-IP solution offering modern features and 7x24 support.

A hosted phone solution offers cities a feature-rich telephone system without having to invest in costly local equipment. Instead, the city pays VC3 a flat monthly fee based on the number of phones hosted in the cloud. VC3 takes care of all maintenance, upgrades and ongoing support.

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Website Design

Create an effective and engaging experience for your citizens and visitors with a website featuring intuitive design, mobile accessibility, and an enhanced content management system.

Ensuring that your website meets your online goals and your citizens" needs doesn't stop when you launch your site. Web technologies and user expectations are constantly evolving, and VC3 is your partner in ensuring the long-term success of your municipal website.

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Document Management

Provide a centralized and organized location for staff to access documents, eliminating the days when information was spread across file shares, public mail folders, and file cabinets.

Utilize Microsoft SharePoint to automatically version documents, create workflows, enforce retention policies, and control access all on a platform that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office.​

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